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      Fall Locations - Cary, Sanford, Benson, Clayton, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Lumberton, Pembroke, Laurinburg, Leland, Myrtle Beach (SC).  
    • Meet our DIRECTOR!!

      Brad Watson - NC Director






    • BIG GAME SPORTS 2016

        NC USSSA Baseball/Big Game Sports is excited to announce the addition of the Tournament of Champions end of season tournaments.  TOC will be played in Summer and Winter 2016 in NC giving teams the opportunity to play in a FREE end of year massive tournament. Simply win a tournament and play in the TOC Qualifier prior to the tournament for your chance to play in North Carolina's largest free tournament. 
      • Coaches Check List

        Coaches Check List for USSSA Baseball Events Team Name:_________________________ Age:_____ 

        Contact Name:_______________________ Cell:___________________ Email:___________________

        1. Sanction your Team with USSSA online: All teams must be sanctioned USSSA before they can be entered in an event. If your team is not sanctioned USSSA for 2013 Season. Instructions on how to Sanction USSSA 2. Official USSSA Roster: Your roster needs to be Posted on www.usssa.com the day before the event and by 5PM. Log in USSSA.com and click on edit roster. Here you can add your Players and your Coaches. Coaches are added online so we can verify who will be in the Dug-out and they also are admitted free to games. We allow 3 Coaches per team. 3. Proof of Insurance: If you need insurance please purchase athttp://www.usssainsurance.com If you do not have proof of insurance at check-in your team is charged an additional amount: 

                    6U-12U $115

                    13U-15U $145

                    16U-18U $175

        $250 deductible Insurance and Expires July 31, 2013. It is Cheaper if you do online yourself and prior to attending our event. 4. Birth Certificates: Original or Photo Copy, If your child was born in any other country other than United States your player must provide a Passport for Identification. Please have your birth Certificates in the same order as your Official USSSA Roster. Please High Light the date of birth with a yellow Highlighter. State issued Photo ID is acceptable. 5. Entry Fee and Monies: Bring Credit Card or Cash to the field to Clear any fee owed. You may also pay online at usssa.com log in and click on view my schedule then choose pay by credit card. If your given a discount for the event we can go in and apply a partial refund on your Credit Card. 6. Bring your Notebook: We need the Following items turned in at Check In o    Official USSSA Roster with Names and Birth Dates o    Birth Certificates o    Proof Of Insurance o    Entry Fee if not paid Economic Impact Form

        Name of Hotel or Hotels: _______________________________________ Arrival Date:______________   Total Rooms Nights used by Team:__________________ Daily Attendance

        Number of Players:__________ Number of Coaches: __________ Number of Spectators:__________
      • Bat Rules

          The below rules pertaining to bats shall be enforced in age divisions 14U and younger without exception. . Big Barrel Bats (larger than 2-1/4 inches in diameter) - Only those big barrel bats made by approved USSSA licensed manufacturers that are either... (1) Made with the NEW USSSA Mark (see image); or (2) Is a qualified BBCOR bat; or (3) Is Wood, shall be allowed in USSSA play. Small Barrel Bats (2-1/4 inches in diameter) - Only those small barrel bats made by approved USSSA licensed manufacturers that are either... (1) Made with the NEW USSSA Mark (see image); or (2) Made with the old USSSA mark; or (3) Is Wood, shall be allowed in USSSA play. . Small Barrel Bat Comment: The above includes Tee Ball bats that are longer than 23 inches in length.  Tee Ball bats 23 inches and shorter in length from approved USSSA licensed manufacturers will continue to be allowed without the NEW or Old USSSA marks. For a complete list of approved USSSA licensed bat manufacturers, click here.
      • State Rules

        Click here to view North Carolina Rules.